Non-stick Umbrella:
La solución eficiente

High performance non-stick for the food industry, kitchenware and industrial mold release.

Umbrella Technologies has developed a non-stick coating with a high degree of technological development adapted to the bakery and pastry sector. Dedicated to study and innovation and the fruit of several years of R&D, Umbrella Technologies offers the baking sector a revolutionary technological solution, through its partner Umbrella Coating, which will mark a before and after in the sector.

We find the most suitable coating process, according to the specific needs of each client. One of our goals is for the bakery industry to benefit from a treatment that will provide great added value to the industrialization process. With the loyalty of our clients as one of our objectives, we work to achieve their trust and satisfaction by involving our team in their day to day, to determine their concerns and meet their expectations. Umbrella Technologies coatings have all the necessary certificates from international laboratories and comply with food contact regulations.

Umbrella Coating guarantees the correct application through constant quality tests and its high degree of specialization in this type of technology. Every new application and use sometimes requires a previous test. We work together to secure the properties and use.


One of the most important aspects of the baking industry is the maintenance of the baking trays and the removal of contaminating char. Using an optimal non-stick coating translates into longer tray or mold life and higher baking productivity and lower energy consumption due to high transmittance. With the application of the Umbrella coating, the use of classic demoulding processes is reduced or eliminated, such as the use of oil or grease, the appearance of the production equipment is improved, the quality of the final product due to fumes and maintenance costs are reduced. and cleaning.

Where to use it

Provides high performance non-stick for the food industry, kitchenware and industrial mold release.
It is also especially indicated as an anticorrosive for industrial processes, packaging and sewage channeling.

What does?

It is a nano coating made up of two layers that can be applied together or individually:

  • A layer with anticorrosive properties.
  • A layer with non-stick properties.

What makes it different?

With respect to the more traditional non-stick coatings, it provides:

  • Easy application.
  • High performance making it more competitive.
  • High durability compared to traditional non-stick.
  • It complies with the non-migration and food contact regulations under CE and FDA regulations.
  • High resistance to scratching, superior to some metals up to H7.
  • Being a ceramic coating, it is resistant to high temperatures without degradation.
  • Provides a component of sustainability by not producing solid waste in the recovery of molds and trays.
  • A circular economy by extending the useful life of the molds and trays.

As it does?

The coating has a base layer that is the one that protects the metal, and facilitates a good fixation of an enhancer layer, in charge of giving the effect.

Needs more information?

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Safe for humans, animals and the environment

Long duration

Extends the life of the metal

Does not change the appearance of the surface

Easy cleaning (soap and water), avoid using disinfectants

Nothing sticks (avoid using mold release agents)

Higher transmittance reduces cooking processes

Reapplicable and repairable