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Umbrella Technologies has developed a ceramic coating with non-stick properties, providing a hardness and a long-lasting and resistant effect.

Its transparent appearance visually provides the property of assessing the correct cleaning of the material. The use of darker or colored treatments does not reveal the reality of the contaminating carbon deposits.

Our coatings usually have a longer life than other conventional non-sticks and in no case has their durability been inferior.

In the sector of bread and pastry trays, some of our clients have been more than two and a half years without the need to reapply. In industrial processes it requires a preliminary test to validate according to processes and types of dough and acidity, sugars and other components

Our treatments are more competitive both in the initial application, as in durability, and in the recovery of the treated materials.

Recovery does not deteriorate or reduce in any case the useful life of the mold or tray, since it does not require shot blasting that wears away the metal. Recovery is as simple as cleaning and degreasing the part and application. This process does not require the generation of solid residues from the coating and therefore does not have an environmental impact nor does it generate solid residues.

This product has the food contact and non-migration certifications under the European standard and American FDA and is free of PFOA.

The following tests have been successfully passed:


  • Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9227:2017


Non Stick and Abrasion Resistance:

  • Non stick proberties ovenware, DIN EN 13834:2009 y DIN EN 12983-1:2005
  •  Non-stick characteristics with 3,5% fat milk based In-House-Method
  • Pencil hardness test, DIN EN 12983-1 (Room temperature and 200ºC, result 6H)

No migración, Sensory test and Food Contac:

  • FDA Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)
  • FDA Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) on Stainless Steel
  • Council of Europe Resolution CM/Res (2013) 9 on Metals and Alloys used in Food Contact Materials and Article

This product has already been tested and is being applied both in the retail, industrial and small detail manufacturers, for more than 3 years.

It is undoubtedly an evolution with respect to traditional non-stick products, providing advantages that until now were not achievable. Four main reasons:

  • In baking and ironing processes, we have lowered temperatures of up to 12 degrees
  • Hemos conseguido reducir hasta un 70% el uso de desmoldantes
  • We eliminate metallic degradation by reapplication and the useful life is 10 times longer
  • Provides a sustainability value that any other non-stick cannot

We have references from first-rate companies and national and international presence.

Umbrella Nonstick has been selected as the best solution known so far by the most important bread and pastry manufacturer in the world, being the solution to be implemented in all its new molds and cooking plates.

The solution for the care of trays in the retail sector has solved the problems of health inspection with respect to carbon deposits, since it is very easy to remove

The basic reasons are:

  • Extending the useful life of the molds and trays
  • It has a higher heat transmittance and requires less energy consumption
  • Does not generate solid waste in its recovery (no shot blasting)
  • Cleaning only requires water and neutral soaps

Low application cost, fewer mold and tray replacements, less use of release agents, less energy consumption

It only requires a cleaning and reapplication process, without having to remove previous applications.

Over time the trays can lose their effect. On many occasions it is due to poor cleaning maintenance that entails small points of adherence that increase with the type. A mold or tray previously treated with our product only requires cleaning and degreasing of the material and reapplication. In this way, we avoid having to buy new units over time due to wear in the blasting processes to have to remove the non-stick.

It is an annualized maintenance contract where a quantified cost savings is agreed between the client and Umbrella with respect to the expenses that were had up to now with the use of other non-stick products, ensuring the functionality of the trays at all times.

It is a process where the purchase of new units applied is requested and its price plan for continued reapplication over time. These new units can also be supplied by the customer for their application.

Through two models:

  1. Annual maintenance contracts are managed that guarantee the availability of functional units during the life of the contract with a fixed price.
  2. Management plan linked to the application of a new tray and renewal at the end of the cycle of use at more competitive prices.

Periodic cleaning of residual residues is required using water and mild, non-aggressive soap. No need to use abrasive pads or dishwashers. When there is a high amount of residue, it may be required to soak for a short period of time.

Sometimes the use of fat is more necessary for the cooking process itself, than for the need for the demoulding process.

Fats always generate a significant amount of waste and more periodic maintenance. Our treatment does not require excessive use beyond what is stated. the supply of large quantities of release agents or grease also reduces the chances of fires.

Greater transmittance translates into lower consumption and shorter cooking times.

The use of traditional non-stick ingredients creates a barrier effect that forces a greater amount of heat to be able to carry out the cooking process.

Yes. The process involves degreasing and cleaning of the material and a standard application.

It will depend on the type of material and the condition of the material. Umbrella product can be applied after blasting if it is not excessively coarse.

Sometimes the material arrives so damaged that its recovery is unfeasible. Trays and molds can still be applied after shot blasting. The application of perforated type shot blast trays is not recommended, since it is at these points where anchorage points of the products to be cooked are not usually caused due to lack of a bad elimination of previous residues.

Umbrella can manage this process with external companies that guarantee a correct removal and a fine finish of the blasted material.

A shot blasting always requires a greater quantity of product to be applied to ensure good coverage of the roughness resulting from this process.

Umbrella offers advisory and testing services at no cost of, application and product, to ensure correct operation of the molds and trays.

Carrying out this small test guarantees the functionality of the coating, for the specific use that will be given to the mold or tray. Sometimes acidity, use of fats, sugars and acquired habits lead to a readaptation of the production model. That is not always easy to change, but we accompany you in the process to guarantee the use and resulting improvements.

The product can be adapted to the specific solution through reformulation, if required for a specific use and after a technical assessment between the parties.

To date, we have not had a single result inferior to that of other more traditional non-stick products. And in all cases, we have provided solutions and advantages that were not previously available.

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