Umbrella Coating, specialist in the development of multifunctional coatings for materials

Sustainability, our philosophy

Non-stick Umbrella is the trademark of Umbrella Coating, a company created for the application and commercialization of technological solutions developed by Umbrella Technologies (founded in 2014), for the bread and pastry sector. Our specialization is the adaptation of developments and formulations for the coating of materials and the search for more sustainable solutions in production processes.

The objective is to find alternatives that eliminate the use of chemical products that can contaminate food and for the care of surfaces that extend their useful life. We have solutions for almost all industrial, maintenance and domestic sectors.

We work in four areas:

  • Development of final products based on ceramic coatings.
  • Integration of laboratories to adapt applications to the needs of our clients.
  • Integration of laboratories to adapt applications to the needs of our clients.
  • Identify operatic solutions based on applied experiences.

Avoiding the generation of polluting solid waste in the recovery of molds and trays and reducing their degradation in their recoveries, make this technology a product that respects the environment and provides a high degree of sustainability.


R + D + i, Umbrella's DNA

We have developed a technology, based on ceramic coatings.

We detect innovation needs in the materials market. After the assessment, feasibility study and identification of the necessary resources, we began the Research and Development process.

We establish the formulation, based on our technological base, and adapt it to the needs of the material.

We optimize the application and industrialization processes according to the application and sector, providing the properties that each of them requires (hardness, shine, hydrophobicity, non-stick, anti-corrosion, solar filters, etc.).

From the tests we adjust the formulation to optimize the result and we proceed to the final validation.

For the certifications we have the support of laboratories, scientific institutes, universities and qualified technology centers with international validity and representation.

International projection

Umbrella Technologies has an international vocation. We are present in more than 35 sectors in 8 countries, being one of the leading nanotechnology companies in the development of new applications.



Carlos III Health Institute Company. Assay and validation of bactericidal and viricidal coatings.


International certification center to validate the commercialization of the products.

Technology center and our strategic partner for shared developments.

Public center specializing in validation of clean energy technological developments.

Collaboration for the testing and monitoring of coatings for photovoltaic panels.

Public body belonging to the Ministry of Science and Innovation

Materials Energy and Acoustics Team-of-the Mohammed V University of Rabat ​

Approval of products in the conservation and restoration of architectural cultural assets.

Ministero delle Belle Arti di Roma

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